Rewiring your Mind for Success

Okay :) Let’s start with cause and effect. (There’s so much vision I could translate here but this post would be VERY long so I’ll do my best to give you the gems!) Everything in creation is connected via a unified light grid/field that runs through our bodies, the earth and the cosmos (infinitely in and infinitely out). Our thoughts and energy produce electromagnetic waves that travel out, give instructions to the field and create a mirrored effect in physicality. Mind (which includes our whole energetic matrix + the brain) makes matter― our energy and thoughts project a story onto the screen of our life and the field responds with images, colors, frequencies and tones that become our personal reality. We’re all experiencing a movie of our own mind.

Most mindset work will take us directly to the brain to carve out new neural pathways (aka belief structures) which is inefficient :) Here’s why: if our overall energy and physiology aren’t elevated and clear, any attempt to use force and willpower to change our mind at the level of mind will create resistance and friction, compounding the issue. If that same degree of willpower isn’t sustained, we’ll revert back to old patterns that feel more natural, which is how we get into repeating undesirable cycles. We have to have the energy to sustain new, positive beliefs first.

How we feel in our physical body directly impacts the quality of thoughts we’re capable of producing so if we’re looking to rewire our mind so we can quantum shift our reality, we don’t need to start at the level of mind (especially if our energy is already vibrating at a low bandwidth) we need to start with how we feel (which is WHY so many people say ‘do whatever you can -holistically- to feel good’). Whatever frequency band we’re vibrating on will carry thoughts that match it’s resonance. Frequency is information. Low vibration = limited information. High vibration = expansive information. The physiological and biochemical systems have to be prepped to hold higher voltages of light information first. This is why energy work, transformational guidance and health are SO important.

Here’s where we start: with purifying and building the physiology. Balancing our hormones and biochemistry, building strong immune, lymphatic and digestive systems, getting balanced movement, nutrition, sleep and hydration. Our physiology determines how well we feel, how energized and well we feel determines the quality of our thoughts, our thoughts (or point of focus) determine our reality. There are a lot of other dynamics that play into how we feel like relationships, environment, creative self-expression, spiritual connection, productivity, how much abundance we’re able to generate to support ourselves and our families, etc. and our energetic frequency is the root cause that impacts everything else. (p.s. I’m a certified nutritionist but I’m not going to go into detail about how we balance all of this^ here).

Next level: Cause and effect occurring simultaneously. This happens when total unification and cohesive alignment between all of our energetic systems in the mind and light body matrix + our outward actions are brought into equilibrium. Once this is happening our entire experience becomes intuitively guided and not a moment passes where we’re not simultaneously being and receiving the miracle of our presence (which is reflected throughout our whole hologram).

So, to rewire our mind for success, we need to restore balance to our body, mind, emotions and actions so our WHOLE energetic system is on board and moving in the direction of our vision in a way that’s inspired, enjoyable and sustainable.

Solara SophiaComment