Alignment: is calm, inviting, open

Deeply relaxed, potent certainty

The eternal dance of exotic beauty

Ineffable power that knows that it knows that it knows… that it is

A force field of magnetic allure so profound that it calls the Soul to return

Again and again and again... to the eye

Where every brilliant thing is made real in the light


Alignment: We’re always searching for it...

Flow: To be in it

To cascade with the rhythm of our dreams

Magic: We want to breathe its quintessence into our bones

Until all that’s void of enchantment falls away

We want our Soul to bloom into diamond-dusted, indigo skies

Until it expands and meets the Heavens… where chandelier galaxies swirl in the night

Wild. Free. Euphoria.

We want to live in the spaces where miracles kiss our path

And wishes pour into us like fountains of liquid gold

Effortless. Instant. Creation.

Alignment is here, Now

When past and future lay down to rest in stillness

The peace that is, the love that is

Is. All. There. Is.

It’s a sacred knowing, a letting go

An erotic embrace of the moment we’re in

It ebbs and flows with the tides of Destiny

Intending. Allowing. Spaciousness.

It’s unbridled ecstasy. A whisper from the Gods…

Surrender. Trust. Receive.

Alignment is…

The ✨Divine✨ in you experiencing only the ✨Divine✨ in me

Solara SophiaComment