SOLARA ROSE Multi-Dimensional Energy Expert

dna light code activation quantum field energetics optimized evolution technologies


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If you’d love to receive support in any of the following areas, please reach out to me at, schedule a connection call or fill in the form below. In the meantime, feel free to explore the rest of the site. I'm thankful you're here!



Holographic DNA Activations and Advanced Energy Work

30 and 60 minute sessions

Private Psychic Advising and Mentorship Programs

2 sessions per month, daily remote energy work, email and on-call support

The Wealth Codes Virtual Immersion

quantum upgrades, wealth expansion and empowerment


Sentient Tools and Technologies to Cultivate your Genius

DNA light code activation, integration and energetic upgrades

optimizing your mind, light body matrix and genetic sequencing

Clearing, opening and aligning your channel to universal intelligence and your own instinctual knowing

Balancing your masculine and feminine energy potentials for vibrational coherence, inner harmony and mastery

Comprehensive understanding of quantum field energetics and creative, consciousness technologies

telepathy, transrational creation, psionics, pre and retro-cognition, telekinesis, imprinting and more

Belief reformatting, cosmic soul embodiment and ascension support

Enhanced superconscious vision, intuition and extrasensory, psychic awareness

Improved heart-based communications, empathy and emotional fulfillment

Neurological development that supports clarity of mind, grounded presence and accelerated calibration

Rewiring your mind and physiology for a clear, sustainable connection to universal life-force and free energy flow

amplifying your sensual, feeling nature and vital connection to life, your body and the earth

Mastering the applied, energetic strategies of influence and quantum reality creation

directing consciousness at the atomic and subatomic levels to evolve the collective and materialize aligned outcomes

Elevated levels of confidence, trust, creative passion and focus

Expansion of Self-value, empowerment, financial wealth and wellbeing

Growing your soul’s service and legacy while enhancing your and your communities quality of life


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