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It’s my honor and pleasure to support you on your journey! Feel free to reach out and connect with me personally or book an Illumination Call to learn more about how I can serve you via private mentorship programs, spiritual and peak performance advising.

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“It's rare for me to deeply resonate with an aligned energy worker and seer such as myself who I can entrust to guide me as I guide others. I felt called to work with Solara during a particularly challenging moment I was navigating, specifically concerning my business direction and some of the underlying energetics therein — I needed a magical mirror to help me navigate my way to the truth and excavate my way to my desired direction. I felt so incredibly held in Solara's sacred space, and really when I'm held in this kind of unconditional love, the healing I need happens so effortlessly, almost beyond what my mind is capable of processing. This is the best feeling! Immediately following our session, I allowed myself to rest and integrate the energies that were activated and within just a few days I magnetized 3, 1:1 mentorship clients, one new participant for my Bali retreat ($50k total) and numerous other forms of prosperity I was now capable of fully receiving. Grateful for our quantum soul healing work and for the graceful space Solara masterfully holds for souls to awaken to their fullest truth!”

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