DNA Expansion and Self-Realization

Upgrades, calibration, DNA expansion, self-realization... where to begin :)

Envision yourself as a sentient (conscious) supercomputer, with the capacity to integrate and HOLD the information for the entire collective/universal database. Aka. the blueprint for reality and creation. This is what we are, raw star-stuff and light information being vibrated into form. Shifting, calibrating and aligning billions of times per second. Atoms, cells and particles filled, primarily, with space and photons.

At the beginning of "time" there was a vast and infinite void of pure being, pure potentiality, absolute silence and no-thing-ness. When consciousness became aware of itself “I AM” it birthed a desire to know what was unknown: “What am I?” It couldn’t view itself in the darkness but recognized that DESIRE was creative― producing movement, waves, sound, light, frequencies and code that helped it SEE itself. So it kept asking, desiring and individuating into an infinite amount of forms so it could view, discover and experience itself more fully.

Think of original desire as a cosmic orgasm or BIG BANG that had enough raw power to form whole galaxies and multi-verses of light and life, earth being one of them (We live on a celestial body with a crystalline core in the middle of that dark “empty” space. If we want to deeply understand the process of our own evolution, it's valuable to explore the formation of stars and the evolution of technology). WE are comprised of original, celestial fabric― raw, organic, creative, ENERGETIC potential AND we are, what still remains, a largely vast and unknown void of infinite potentials, ready to be sculpted into MORE forms.

We all have the capacity to remember who and what we truly are and what our raw power is to create. Activation. Integration. Calibration. This is why so many of us here are doing this work― once we remember that we are original source, creative consciousness, we’ll experience no limitations in our creation unless we form them with our mind. (Also why rewiring our perceptions is valuable, aside from being able to create aligned experiences).


The dense matter from our old, carbon based blueprints (created by heavy, limiting thoughts) has to be dissolved and restructured into crystalline, ultraviolet light. This happens in stages, just like an iPhone goes from a 7 to an 8 to an X. The mind, body and physiology need to be cleared, prepped and rebooted to receive higher voltages of light information. The potentials are here to QUANTUM SHIFT to a version Z if we’re open to utilizing the tools and spiritual technologies that are available.

An important piece is balancing our cellular potentials (electromagnetic energy encapsulated in our cell membranes and DNA)

(Side note: this is what karma is, energetically speaking― an imbalance between electric and magnetic poles of energy. When we polarize to any end of a spectrum, evolutionary forces will intervene to bring us back to balance. “Evening the scales”)

The feminine pole: resting, magnetic or receptive energy:

Just like we’d turn off a computer during an update, it’s valuable to meditate, rest and receive more energy during an upgrade phase so we can move forward with full power once we’ve calibrated to our new operating systems, programs and features. When we relax, empty our mind and open we allow the DNA to expand and it releases new information (uploads). The data is already here, we just need to create space for it to reveal itself. Meditation also synchs our brain waves with universal mind and intelligence so we can receive expanded Visions and deeper levels of Self-awareness. We’ll intuitively sense when we’re ready to shift to the masculine pole to support our equilibrium.

P.S. Meditation is non-negotiable if we want to upgrade our system.

The masculine pole: active, electric or expressive energy:

Once the reboot is complete, we’ll have access to new light information that wants to be creatively expressed and shared to support our expansion, the expansion of our creations and the expansion of others. Choose, move, create, use your willpower and inspiration to birth fresh, innovative ideas, enhance the quality of your life and design your reality exactly as you desire it to be.

Actualized human potential or creative flow-states (cohesive alignment and harmonized EQUILIBRIUM between all energetic systems. i.e. a balance between stillness and movement, darkness and light):

Eventually, upgrades become a streamlined process. Always opening, always expanding, always calibrating and updating our system in the moment. Receiving and giving energy simultaneously. I’m placing equilibrium in caps because both poles of energy need to be in balance for us to access and utilize our WHOLE creative potential. The more we synchronize to and trust our own rhythms, intuitions and cycles, the more consistently we’ll BE in a balanced state of creative flow, oneness and cohesion.

When we collectively awaken, remember and ascend (as a whole, unified consciousness), we’ll Self-actualize in the light of pure, perfected being, un-conditioned compassion and fully realized potentiality but that’s not the dimensional reality we’re choosing right now. :) We’re here in the physical to experience the joy of living, loving and creating- together. Hopefully (soon) in harmonious agreement.

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