Money Moxie

One of my favorite ways to build energy is to define and boldly declare my desires... because I know (through decades of magical practice) that when I ask - however big or small - the answer is always YES. When we code our hologram with instructions, it instantly starts organizing the collective energy field and synchronized elements to bring us what we’ve requested. We don’t have to earn our worth or our desires, we only need to allow them by living in absolute CERTAINTY which generates a delicious vortex of sparkling energy for us to GIVE (i.e. adding value). What we’re really doing is connecting to, flowing and channeling the frequency of source in an open infinity loop of equal reciprocity. Allowing it in and expressing|radiating it out. That’s the formula for true prosperity (plus, you’ll want to have some savvy systems in place to capture all that glorious abundance you’re generating).

This might sound moxie and matter of fact… it is because I care about you flourishing. If you were the Creator (which you are) would you tell yourself that you have to earn your wishes or would your creation rush to grant them? Of course there’s how our neural synapses fire (consciously or unconsciously, in alignment with truth, beauty and love - which is who you truly are - or not) and how much we open up to give the exquisite energy that courses through our being. If you can live powerfully from your knowing, stay connected to radiant, kinetic energy flow and be generous with that energy. Your whole world will become a living, breathing masterpiece of intimacy, wealth, serendipity and wonder. Easy peasy (and deeply rewarding). #SourceEnergyIsAbundance #JoyIsPower #LoveIsMagic #ReceiveExpressHave #YouAreCherished

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