Lightning Bolt Love

Triggers! Glorious catalysts that are usually depicted as invitations to come inward and look at where what’s being triggered exists within us so we can claim, love, embrace and integrate it. Sometimes this is absolutely true and the case. Sometimes (from an energetic vantage point) triggers are “lightning bolt moments” designed to unlock free energy potential in our DNA so we can access and inhabit more of our Divine power and authority. They typically show up when energies are static, unmoving or masculine-electric|feminine-magnetic poles need to be balanced (just like lightning in the environment releases static electricity to balance the atmosphere). If we're not consciously choosing Self-empowerment or our next level of expansion, universal forces will kindly choose it for us, out of love, to nudge us into luminous worlds of wonder and possibility.

Sometimes a catalyst is needed for us to create positive changes (which is why an opposite, negative charge is introduced) that honor our Soul, truth, purpose and desires ― to step into deeper Self-value, take clear, passionate actions that align to our Vision, stop allowing conditions that we no longer wish to be in agreement with and create a fresh blueprint for our reality (or invent revised agreements in our current situation). Sometimes, Love comes in the form of ruthless compassion to ask, “Would you like to experience more of this or are you ready to make bold, decisive moves in beautiful, new directions that elevate, inspire, prosper and enrich you?” #TrustyourTruth #ActivateyourPower #ExpandIntoyourDesires #Flow

Solara SophiaComment