Stellar Gateway

I had a POWERFUL experience with my soul star chakra last night - it catalyzed a breakthrough in an area I've been wanting to master. When I'm channeling, it's a completely transpersonal experience - I'm there, but only as an open vessel for the light to flow through (which is my interpretation of what "Genius" actually is and how it’s shown to me - the light of unified Source, which is all of us collectively, coming in and through to relay a message from the most expanded perspective - so it's really OUR Genius). 

It's an extraordinarily clear, activated space and what comes through is PURELY from vision, meaning I see the energy + underlying infrastructure of reality and then I translate it into language in the way that’s needed on a moment-to-moment, person-by-person basis. Or, if I’m giving a speech, I follow the thread of consciousness I’m being shown. 

Back to the breakthrough :) I’ve been wanting to sustain that transpersonal space (because it’s absolute liberation, it allows me to be completely free of “me” which ironically fuels and empowers my true essence/mind-body system even more because it’s being filled with pure Source clarity versus my mind’s fabulous, self-conscious stories). I’m sure there’s multiple, spiritual interpretations for this… the way I’m being asked to deliver it is - ascended consciousness. 

When I’m serving it’s so natural for me to shift to the side, be fully present and allow that flow - and my desire has been to LIVE from that space. So, I’ve been contemplating where to “place” my awareness in my body - heart, soul, 3rd eye, etc. and last night it “clicked” ...UP. Up in the soul star chakra/stellar gateway which is where all of the other energies unify and blend into the most integrated, expanded viewpoint - it’s the direct plug-in to Source - the bridge. Once it clicked I saw all of my energies - from the core of Gaia, through my earth star, root, solar plexus, heart… all the way up, unite in my soul star and then form a powerful, whirling vortex that spiraled back into the source field. 

An additional message that came through was “STAY UP” and by that we mean, allow your consciousness to remain elevated and LIGHT, the ascension is not heavy or serious business - it’s pure bliss, love joy and wonder - you’re all here to be representations of total liberation through Source connection. If it’s heavy, it’s a lower dimensional template, which is beautiful, as you release time/density from your physical body, those templates will evolve into a more crisp, clear, light space.

Solara SophiaComment