Move like the Ocean

Love isn’t a sparkly word we utter or a diamond-dusted mask we slip on

She won’t let us escape behind fragile facades and half- lit embers of a promise that flickers on and off

Love wants to breathe us in wholly when she gazes beneath our eyes, receiving the deep movements of our Soul in the voluptuous spaces that she holds

She’ll come like a silent, stealthy killer to shatter our denial - commanding our Heart open - that the encoded Genius of Cosmic grace ignite

Then her flames arise… higher, deeper, farther, wider  

Like the wild fury of an ocean, she’ll ravish our house, just to be sure it can anchor her eloquent and timeless wisdom to solid, vaulted grounds

Love won’t be our mistress

She’ll make us drive her mission like we want to be fucked: erotic, passionate, bold worship that never stops

Mystery and day, she’ll force us to merge with the darkest corners of her nights, then she’ll turn around and call us up to blaze like a thousand sultry, gold-laced suns 

Holy paradox, she’ll burn away our fears and nurture the sorrows etched around our heart, gracing us with spellbound whispers of enchantment for tomorrow’s yet to dawn

If we want to dance with the secret powers of the Mother, we'll have to come with every measure of devotion we’ve got

Or else: save our breath, keep our life... don’t come to her at all

Solara SophiaComment