Our human evolution is a continual process of activating, integrating, calibrating to and harnessing our capacity as a species― igniting the dormant potentials in our heart, mind/body systems, brain, DNA and energetic matrix. Encoded within all of us are the designs and instructions for infinite creation- we contain the holographic blueprint for our personal evolution- all times, spaces, dimensions and realities that will ever be shaped or molded into existence- full remembrance of who and what we are as the one, unified source creator. Awakening remembrance is a journey of cellular transfiguration, DNA expansion and the ultimate transcendence of gravity that allows us to become interstellar, creative beings (I realize I’m visioning far out into our future!) There are ALWAYS more layers and 'levels' to ascension. We're continuously opening, metamorphosing and vibrating into more sophisticated, complex patterns. At the current stage of our collective evolution, we’re utilizing only a moderate percentage of our potential, there are so many beautiful possibilities we have yet to realize and discover.

Awakening is a felt, visceral experience that occurs in the body as anti-matter meets carbon-based matter and is metabolized into photonic light (diamond, crystalline, ultrasonic, violet, electromagnetic frequencies...) so we can “elevate up and out” or expand through gravity and experience ease of movement, weightlessness (caused by the accelerated spin of electrons in our cells), freedom and inevitable, inter-dimensional travel in our light body. We’re already creating and traveling intergalactically with our consciousness, the body is the next phase of transcendence for humanity. This is an ongoing evolutionary process that’s unfolding naturally, at the speed required for us to shift in congruence with the greater planetary and cosmic/galactic alignments that are moving us towards ascended unification and harmony.

There are multiple phases of awakening we’ll move through as a part of the ascension process. It starts with our first remembrance of the lightness, beauty, serenity and interconnection that’s available to us as sentient beings (usually catalyzed by polar energies and forces that cause us to integrate our dual charges, soften and surrender the mind). In ancient traditions, this is described as varying degrees of satori. Then, the kundalini starts to rise up the spine to elicit illumination. As the base of the spine and brain are activated, any separation or fear-based programs that are encoded and stored in our spinal column will be forced to liquefaction, meaning, whatever energies are stagnant, fixed or crystallized will be loosened for fluidity so the energy can move up the column and out the crown, switching on dormant potentials in the brain and pineal gland (which expands our capacity to perceive all that we are, as pure source intelligence). Then, full illumination -exponential floods of light and data- enter our system, awakening the subconscious and bringing our attention to who and what we are as the TOTALITY of ALL energies and expressions of consciousness. From genesis to actualization and back through the infinity spiral. This happens in sequential stages as we’re ready to receive the energy and assimilate expanded voltages of light AND space in the physical body (it's highly valuable to receive support from an experienced guide who has already calibrated to these specific embodiments of consciousness). From a micro-dimensional perspective this translates as the release of “resistance, attachment, judgment, time and toxicity” from our cellular memory. Energetically, the transformation is intended to support us with moving through our experience with unconditional presence, trust and ease of creation as we approach the speed of light.


Every potential and possibility that has ever been conceived or constructed by consciousness is revealed and made transparent in the light, then harmonized into ONE, cohesive superconscious BEing where we actualize our multi-dimensionality in the Now. This is a complete fusion of all energies, elements and aspects of consciousness throughout infinite creation. To say that we’re harmonizing our electric/magnetic, masculine/feminine energy potentials is an understatement― we’re fusing together ALL that we are as the ALL that is. Our deepest collective shadows (or patterns we're unaware of/ haven't been present to) are illuminated and brought to the light of our conscious awareness. Our invitation is to radically honor and accept them as much as we do our lighter aspects so we can become WHOLE and balanced through the androgynous union of light, dark and the full range of electromagnetic energy potentials in between. No-thing exists outside of energy and consciousness and we are that. The sooner we embrace and appreciate our fullness, the faster and more graciously we can ascend into the force field of power and peace that's available to us in the here and Now.

Illumination can be as simple as recognizing “it is what it is” and then holding what is in a space of non-reactive neutrality or un-conditioned compassion- it's an integration of awareness from every angle that allows us to act in alignment with love, truth and integrity. Light is shed on the total, objective reality. Every experience/story/expression/choice is valid, understood and accepted by creation, without condition (Ie. there’s no “story” around what is, it just is an expression of consciousness and freedom comes through the awareness and acceptance of it, not the transformation of it. The paradox is: when we accept it, it transforms). We become one with (atonement: at-one-with) the energy by giving it our full, unconditional presence and attention and it organically dissolves into something more expansive “base metals into gold" or upgrades to our bio-hardware (this doesn’t mean we have to select those energies as a part of our dimensional experience once we become aware of them, we can reconfigure our reality or select something different that aligns to our new state of being― usually, we’ll move into something fresh because we’re no longer in resonance with the dimension of consciousness that was being reflected back to us through the holographic mirror of our own creation Ie. we’re ready to expand into something more resonant, aligned and fulfilling).

Every-thing, at the atomic and subatomic levels, is essentially “empty” or unformed potential and void of meaning until we assign it through the stories we author. Once we begin to absorb and transfigure our old conditioning, our energy and vision open to seeing more possibilities which allows us to script the story from a fresh, blank canvas and significantly alter our outer reality. The more gracefully we accept the is-ness, feel fully, let go and move fluidly into the next moment while making conscious, soul-aligned choices, the more integral and free we become. The weight of compounded time and memory transmute. Resistance falls away. Every moment feels alive, open and expansive. We move through our experience with empowerment and fluidity as we create from new, expanded states of consciousness that align to our core truths.

Solara SophiaComment