Exponential Evolution

"He who wants a rose, must respect the thorn." ―Persian Proverb

Most of the teachings we’ve acclimated to around creation will teach us, to the best of their capacity, how to ‘make’ magic happen through the use of our inner technology. Incredibly beneficial at different times, for different reasons, at different stages of development. Exceptional teachings (which are out there, accessible and becoming more mainstream) will transmit and exemplify how to BE magic by upgrading our internal, neural-biological systems and hardware. It’s a difference between applied knowledge and embodied implementation. (It seems slight but there's a profound differential in power). Magic, synchronicity, miracles, abundance, serendipity, creation, etc. should be an effortless extension of our BEing. By virtue of living, experiencing and evolving- inner technologies (like telekinesis, vapor, emissions, phasing, planetary configuration, ultra-magnetics, blood plates, etc.) are revealed and executed organically in the moments we're called to use them, but we need to upgrade our DNA to harness those potentials, first. One of the fastest ways we can do that is through TRUST.

I like to use the example of a rose. ;) Blossoms don’t become blossoms without seeds, dirt, stems, thorns, water, time… although time doesn’t exist at one level of consciousness and creation, we’ve chosen this miraculous playground that has the fabric of space/time woven through it. We chose it because of the exquisite wisdom it has to offer. Wisdom around building integral foundations, patience, strength, character, what it means to truly care for, nurture, develop, honor and hold space for a thing, etc… the seed contains the holographic blueprint for the evolution of the rose, but it still goes through cycles of germination, growth, reproduction, pollination and seed spreading. As do we. I imagine it would pose quite a challenge if we attempted to teach trigonometry to a third grader, or, that we would introduce a lot of unnecessary tension and resistance if we demanded that a seed morph into a blossom overnight when it’s simply not at that stage. Third grade is beautiful, fun, expansive- we need to experience it before we can graduate to the next level, and every so often, if our mind/DNA/biology are evolving rapidly enough, we can skip a grade, or several (Ie. take quantum leaps in our evolution). No third grader that I know has ever said, “Yes please! Take me to trig after recess.” They wouldn’t enjoy or be able to perceive it. There’s tremendous value in establishing our roots, pushing up through the the darkness of the soil, breathing our first breath of fresh air, growing our thorns and allowing our petals to unfold... There are stages of evolution that unlock core wisdom and there are sequences to *remembering that we’re natural, powerful creators. Even if we explained how to solve the math equation, it most likely wouldn't register and that child might feel inadequate, when they're not in any way at all. Also why conveying truth with some degree of empathy is important. Every one of us are exactly where we need to be/how we need to be and it's safe to trust the perfection of that. 

Being with and trusting the fullness of our unique process without fighting where we are is what, paradoxically, helps us grow faster/quantum shift and with a momentous amount of ease, pleasure and empowerment. Resisting where we are, in an attempt to be something or somewhere else, is what creates pain and suffering. Every stage is beautiful, magical, exotic and intriguing in its own right. I often question whether or not we'd appreciate or understand the significance of being a rose if we didn’t have the distinction of our roots, stem, environment, experience and thorns to substantiate and support us. I can only speak for myself and what’s true for me is that every element of my experience has given me the gifts of inner strength, wisdom, power, knowing and understanding that I wouldn’t have chosen to skip over or pivot away from. I’m thankful for every phase of my evolution and for all the phases yet to come... there’s always more to unlock, discover and calibrate to. Our magic, our BEing, our essence, our presence, our expression is continuously growing larger, deeper, wider, fuller. We are the seed and the flower of life- being present to our own beauty during every turn of the spiral is what helps us remember, awaken, embody and appreciate our wholeness. Knowing that we carry the infinite blueprint for creation in our seed and relishing every step of our becoming is what makes us give off, emanate, and therefore produce magic... without effort, but by simply BEing who and what we already are. The engines of inner knowing and being are ultimately what drive our outer reality (vis-à-vis force).        

This way of evolving is just a compilation of agreements we’ve made as a part of our collective, human experience, aka a story/set of beliefs that we can rescript and reconfigure if we choose to. I’d love to briefly tap the surface of superconscious awareness: What we think and feel fuels the outside projection. If we can perceive something as a possibility, it can be created (and is, at some level of reality, already in the process of being realized). At another level, all timelines, potentials and possibilities already exist, it’s just a matter of aligning to them. Ie. if we can perceive a world where third grade doesn’t exist, but instead- play, exploration, accelerated evolution and cosmically embodied creation do- we can crystallize that reality. (It might take a minute for us to rewire our bio-hardware, reframe our mental/emotional landscape, believe and enact that… hence, evolution). We can start, right where we are in our own personal reality by transfiguring our internal OS and genetic sequencing so we can expand out and form new collective agreements. Which, I imagine, is what most of us who are doing this work are trying to accomplish. Free, sustainable human energy, expansion, connection to pure source, evolution, remembrance, creation, a harmonious world for us all to live in. The only caveat I see is that the collective DNA and mind have to expand to be able to perceive and select/act on (via ample clean energy flow) new agreements that are more holistic, sustainable and supportive for all of us. Enter DNA/neural-biological advancements. The light within our DNA needs a catalyst for ignition. We can invest in support from people who specialize in this work to quicken our activation, awakening and integration or we can learn how to do it for ourselves- intuitively. It’s as simple as using our willpower and intent to spark movement, then it’s up to us to listen, calibrate as fluidly as we can and follow through on what we receive. Expansion is synonymous with opening. It’s not just an opening of our heart, which is deeply valuable, it’s also an expansion of our mind and superconscious intelligence- our whole energetic system and matrix need to come online in a dynamic, balanced, inclusive way.

There are SO many streams of consciousness I could channel through around this and if I keep going, this share will be ULTRA long so I’ll stop before I go down the rabbit hole of immortality. ;) I suppose what I’m getting at is this: if we can find a way to fall in love with every part of who we are, as we are, where we are (thorns, blossom and all) we’ll experience exponential inner/outer growth along with more freedom, wonder and empowerment in our everyday lives.

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