Live: Abundance Acceleration with Sydney Campos

EPIC, high vibrational SOUL FLOW for Visionary Souls Podcast LIVE with Sydney Campos and Solara Rose ― an international channel, psychic advisor and catalyst for high-frequency Divine connection who has been described as the modern Tesla of human energetics and living vortex of cosmic magic…

COME FLY with us as we go deep into all of our favorite FLOWS including:

  • MultiDimensional embodiment, quantum reality hacking and accelerated abundance

Upgrade your Consciousness, Especially When it Comes to…

  • Transmuting your shadows to reveal your greatest gifts

  • How trauma helps us become resilient

  • Activating higher frequency states of being as our new normal

  • Co-creating new paradigms of accelerated abundance and multidimensionality

  • Multisensory perception, activating your light body and intuition

It's funny to give words to what this session contains... its more of an energetic transmission meant to be RECEIVED with great joy and lots of laughter. Will you come PLAY?

#HeavenOnEarth #ConsciousnessHacking #QuantumUpgrades

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