Light Integration

Light code activations are a way for us to accelerate our individual/collective evolution and enhance our genetics by giving direct commands to our cells and the unified field of energy as a whole. When large movements are initiated via willpower and intent, light starts to emerge exponentially from the core of our DNA and cellular structures. As the light expands out from our DNA, it breaks through layers of toxicity, suppressed material, limitation and contraction (generated by programming and environmental/physical factors) that were covering it up so dormant potentials can switch on and awaken (which ultimately leads to greater liberation and happiness). Our internal dialogues and stories that produced the toxicity will then move out and cycle through our energetic pathways, meridian systems, blood stream, etc. and are brought to the front of our conscious awareness so we can witness, embrace and consciously rewire them. Then, we’ll feel the emotions associated with those stories which creates a degree of catharsis and impacts our neural/bio-physiology. It can be likened to a physical cleanse, except it’s mental/emotional in nature and can evoke altered states of consciousness. Fundamentally, we’re recycling, alchemizing and deleting compounded time from our cellular memory so more expansive ways of being, perceiving and expressing can be birthed.

As our thoughts and emotions cycle through, it’s valuable to allow them to be exactly as they are ― their presence serves an evolutionary function and they’re coded with an opulence of wisdom and meaningful information that we need to move forward into our next cycle of growth. Occurring in tandem with this deep release is a renewal of energy and creativity. As old patterns cycle out, new data sets begin to upload as the activated light gradually releases into our cells. Usually we’ll receive fresh fragments of awareness, ideas, concepts, innovations, etc. and until the integration is complete, we often won’t be able to make cohesive sense out of them. Taking space for integration is what allows the information to fuse and coalesce together into a more harmonized understanding and source of inspiration/transmission. Meditation is a valuable practice at anytime, but particularly during upgrade phases. When we relax, open and breath into the sensations we’re feeling― we simultaneously transmute energy and absorb expanded universal intelligence. Regularly embodying different forms of meditation can synch our mind, brain waves and neurology to solar/galactic  consciousness (the greater cosmological perspectives, alignments and vibrational octaves).

Soul integration can feel deeply vulnerable and our psychic awareness tends to be sharp, lucid and heightened so I encourage you to nourish yourself as much as possible and deeply trust your timing, rhythms and cycles. Be graceful and compassionate with yourself. A few tools that can help streamline the process are salt baths, movement (dancing, cardio, activities that will shift the energy, or something lighter like stretching, depending on your energy levels), saunas, hydration, meditation, deep breathing, sound therapy (rattles, drums and singing bowls are useful for dissolving patterns and forming new alignments), loving community, celebration and silence. It all depends on the unique dynamics of our situation.

Solara SophiaComment