My greatest fear is my POWER

I’ve been used. I’ve been left. I’ve had close friends betray me when my success outweighed theirs.

I’ve been placed on thrones that don’t belong to me, with insatiable expectations held over my head.

I’ve felt guilt, shame and deep self-judgment for being a powerful woman.

For having clarity, speaking directly and knowing where I stand.

I’ve opened myself fully and welcomed lovers into the mysterious, oracular spaces of my heart.

I’ve walked away, burned bridges, built walls and slammed doors.

I’ve surrendered to darkness, unconditionally… and risen up fiercely.

I’ve been deciding what I crave and expressing what’s REAL about this experience is a peak priority. I want to be surrounded by STRONG, embodied individuals who understand the value of their fullness and the intrinsic dynamism of Love.

Because she’s fury and fire, innocence and thunder. Serenity, bliss, ecstasy and silence.

I won’t architect a world that pretends she’s not both a giver of grace and a wild, wise warrior.

I value AWARENESS, passion, soul and devotion. The capacity to see, harness and BE the WHOLE spectrum.

Because creative emergence is unbridled, consciousness is eccentric… nature is exotic. WE are as diverse and mutable as the ocean. In every moment, we’re ALL serving a sacred, higher purpose. Whether we realize it or not, we’re already exuding it. What a futile mission it would be for me to cage a FORCE as powerful as Love into a tamed, muted expression.

Right now I’m gazing at a crossroads and there are 2 paths I see...

I can turn right and spend the rest of my life trying to protect and perfect myself,


I can turn left, come radically uncovered and embrace that I AM ALL THINGS.

So, the question I’m asking myself now is: what’s truly in service? What has enough virtuosity, integrity and momentum to set us all FREE? What I’m feeling in this moment is raw, life-force energy, power and potentiality. I won’t forfeit mine in exchange for validation. I signed up to be an ambassador for Love so I’m stripping down my fears and giving her back the TOTALITY of her voice.

If something exists outside of Source… please tell me.

Solara SophiaComment