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A few months ago I made a quiet, internal decision about something I wanted to experience that significantly altered the course of quite a few lives, for the better. :) It sent people in directions they may not have consciously selected for themselves but because of the way events unfolded, led them to greater happiness, soul alignment and freedom (which also positively enhanced my growth). And then… I changed my mind. I no longer wanted the thing I invoked. It was pretty wild to watch the energy reconfigure and reformat itself, I saw it in my mind’s eye like inception. One empowered choice drastically altered the entire landscape so my desire could come to fruition. That’s how powerful we all are as creators. Exacting intent rewires and re-orchestrates the total, quantum unified field of energy, potential, consciousness... god-force. Our strength, will and Self-awareness add to the universal fires of movement.

On a human level, I needed to release some guilt around fully inhabiting my power. On a galactic level, I was in awe at the lucidity ― witnessing the meticulous interplay of energies and how they hyper-efficiently, potently, palpably arranged themselves to serve the greater cosmic purpose of expansion. 

Then I started exploring the fluidity of choice. Why do we desire certain things in some moments and entirely different things in other moments? Can we allow that kind of diverse fluidity to evoke curiosity, intrigue and excitement? Here’s what came through…

  • We’re transient beings ― constantly evolving, transmorphing and expanding. Some days we want vanilla ice cream laced with decadent fudge and some days we want rainbow sorbet. There are so many novelties we can select from in this gorgeous, human experiment! We’d get bored fairly quickly if we didn’t introduce some degree of variety. Our biochemistry is also sequentially, seamlessly changing ― as we evolve, so do our desires and what we're compelled towards. At different phases in our life, we evolve more rapidly than others. And sometimes, we try sorbet, discover our distaste and decide to go for rich, luscious cacao. Usually, the more we grow, the less essential contrast becomes because we KNOW who we are and what we want and compromise isn’t a viable option. We're committed to unfolding our legacy so we go straight for the gold (which, for me, looks like vanilla because I can spruce it up however I like... there’s a lush supply of toppings). ;)  

  • The conscious (destiny) and unconscious (fate) mind of every individual involved in a co-creative experience is at play. The soul desires what the soul desires (connection to free energy flow) and it will find a way to have it, even if that needs to transpire through the mechanisms of the unconscious. Our individual and collective agreements bump up against one another, commanding us to awaken and embody our sovereignty. Ie. If we have a desire for deep union and creative emergence, we’ll be irresistibly, magnetically drawn to our polar opposite so we can integrate to our wholeness and adopt the aspects of ourself we've been "missing" (which usually feels like chaos and concludes with harmonic illumination ― not often what we're expecting, but what our soul knows we need to remember our direct connection to source ― what we're ultimately asking to receive through the crystallization of every desire we call forth). If we want to live on the sandy beaches of Mexico but are afraid to make a bold choice and go all in, someone else in our environment may pick up on the energetic resonance and communicative transference of that wavelength, make a completely unrelated choice and shift things in way that propels us in that direction. Even if it doesn’t materialize immediately, we’ll be aligned to experiences that help us expand so we’re energetically capable of holding and caring for that creation ― capacity. Also why we occasionally invoke things and "lose" them ― we’ve either received all we need from that experience or we forget our responsibility to sustain and flourish our creations. It’s an exquisite process of its own to call something in, it’s a completely different journey to give birth and then passionately, powerfully mother a child at our highest level of potential, mastery, integrity and adeptness. Our cosmic encounters are all-together sacred and no mistake. We each serve to catalyze one another’s awakening, empowerment and fulfillment, even if that’s not readily apparent on the surface. It’s valuable to get in touch with our conscious and unconscious truths BOTH (the actuality of what we're thinking|feeling|desiring ― all judgments off the table) because they'll manifest despite our best efforts at evasion. It serves to become deeply acquainted with our shadows and light so we can foresee, incept and architect our future deliberately. If we can celebrate our mysterious, taboo, exotic nature and our soul’s authentic luminosity, reality won’t need to shock us with surprises, strategically designed to peel our eyes wide open to the whole picture. And, we'll open our channel to prolific floods of light, energy, epiphany and revelation because we've alleviated the pressure of resistance. This kind of deep unraveling, self-intimacy, knowing and weaving deserve their own post so I won’t elaborate now!

  • On some level, we’re all calling in expansion and that looks like raw, unconditional trust, transparency, devout love and presence. We’re asking to move dynamically, like water ― continuously shedding time while simultaneously opening to the absorption and support of all other elements and expressions of consciousness. Earth, air, fire, aether, atomic and subatomic particles, the infinite amalgamation of creation… void, light nor energy are static, they’re in constant, fluid motion ― change is inevitable and intrinsically more pleasant when we initiate, authorize and engage it. We either decide to BE the ocean of ineffable intelligence or imagine we're separate from it and get tousled around. I personally prefer not to ride the wave of collective consciousness but instead, enact new, sovereign movements ― precision, Dharmic creation. Some people like to melt into the dance, that’s a perfectly valid and equally beautiful option. It’s ultimately a matter of preference. I enjoy inhabiting the full breadth of my power and intention, from inception to completion. :)

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