Free your Mind

Interesting evening last night… :)

I identified an organism (a large, overarching energy) in the matrix that was surrounding the collective consciousness. It was a “mind control” mechanism that consciousness constructed in order to give itself a way to 'separate' from having to merge with and BE itself fully, AS IS, in the Now (fears of intimacy, connection, creative power, choice and the vulnerability of being with the unknown/being fully seen and not knowing what the outcome of that would be- at the root: fearing total self-destruction and the loss of love through transparency. Will my full expression be valued? Will I be loved for being me? Are all the parts of me acceptable? Will my truth equate to death?) It filtered into this dimensional reality through religious/political/cultural programs that were put in place (by consciousness) to keep us from seeing and INHABITING our full, sovereign authority (can we be trusted to the power of our own mind and the resulting, outward manifestation of it or do we need to construct and place our trust in alternate, guiding authorities 'outside' of the Self? Ie. a higher power or overarching energy). We agreed to these control paradigms as a means of moderating our self-expression and ability to self-direct so we could feel safe inside our creation and not have to risk losing love.

In some regards, it’s highly sophisticated because mind makes matter so it served as a “fail-safe” in the collective dreamscape but the suppression of our creative energy through self-avoidance and the placement of our power in other powers started producing the polar opposite effects from what we originally intended (freedom and union). Paradoxically, when we merged with and celebrated the aspects of consciousness we deemed “undesirable” they felt valued and evolved into a higher expression and outward manifestation instead of materializing externally as unwanted circumstances. They were recycled, not destroyed, through unconditional love.

This is even more paradoxical because we consciously desire love, yet we unconsciously try to separate from it which is where the energy of tension arises - separation from Self is one of the only impossibilities that exists. Full immersion into and with the Self is how we ultimately liberate our will through absolute Self-embrace and the unification of opposites. Even aversion and control serve the purpose of sovereign unity.

At the root, these are aspects of our own mind that we perpetuate because of what it might mean to BE the complete, liberated creation of Self. aka, it’s A LOT of raw power and conscious responsibility to embody. All of the personal control that we’ve externalized or given over to other aspects of consciousness- whether they be people, deities, sources, galactic entities, societal templates or any other avatar in our hologram need to be dissolved for us to take back complete authority of our own lives, at every level. Usually we think of disintegrating agreements with other humans but these are agreements that have been made at the cosmic/galactic level with ascended expressions of our own consciousness. One way to reflect on this is by looking at anywhere you feel “at the whim of” outside sources, in any way. I encourage you to release those contracts so you can liberate your power and BE the total, sovereign creation of YOU and KNOW that you are held and supported in your full, authentic expression.

Solara SophiaComment