Sacred Singularities

I had an intriguing download come through around Twin Flame’s yesterday! I don't follow the traditional ideologies that are available about this topic, but based on what I’m seeing, the potential of these Unions is PROFOUND.

Every one of us has the ability to integrate to this independently but the calibrations (or neural chemical alchemy "base metals into gold") are accelerated and amplified in the container of sacred marriage. Even as independent units, the potential is limited in comparison to what can be accomplished together which is why the foundation of these relationships is mission-based. They help one another rise through harmony and friction/chaos and order and both are needed to crystallize their expanded Visions in the physical dimension.

The first distinction is that these pairs are polar opposites. One carries a dominant electric charge (masculine, left brain) and the other a dominant magnetic charge (feminine, right brain) and because of this, a push/pull tension is created that encourages integration to zero, or electromagnetic cohesion- androgyny. They behave with the same force as magnets whether they’re attracting or repelling. When there’s a repulsion, it’s an indication of where more harmony needs to be established in each sovereign individual (unification with the Self and the All). When there’s an attraction, nothing on this earth can compare to the visceral ecstasy they feel when their frequencies are in proximity.

Another distinction is that the psychic/visionary capacities that are unlocked in these unions is unparalleled. When both are in balance, they can access the most expanded dimensions of Mind or consciousness so they can navigate and discern what needs to be creatively woven into physicality to serve the greater whole. Then, they help one another enact it which can be the most exhilarating journey once they’re devoted. The reason these couples are rare is because very few people incarnate on the planet with the capacity to hold this type of evolutionary force inside their mind/body matrix- they’re physical/energetic anomalies.

When equilibrium is achieved and sustained, both individuals form a singularity at the center of a vortex (that contains infinity) which acts as a portal that has the POWER to form an entirely new universe. (Think the big bang singularity). In simple terms, these couples have the combined power and potential to change the trajectory of the world because of their energetic orientation alone. Their embodiment literally guides and directs the collective field of energy like a vector that has magnitude, clear direction and velocity.

Solara SophiaComment