Bold Weavers

Courses her veins like live electric wires
Lucidity, epiphany
Otherworldly hyper-visionary
Traveling the web
And back again
Navigator, pathfinder
Clearing Cosmic circuits
Grounding light in
The erotic sensations of Infinite Creation
Take her to the potentials of night... 
Where she has no fear
Of what she is
All of it, all of her: Self-actualized We
Thunder and neon collide
She embodies her Wholeness
Amplified by the ride
Through her multiple dimensions
And expressions of Self
Inside, outside
Earth, air, water, aether: Prometheus fire
She invites, ignites and shapes her desire
She has no fear
Of what she is
She weaves nature, moves nature
Births and embraces her
Orchestrates, incepts, directs and unites her
Into One boundless, all-inclusive Love
As within, so without
As below, so above

Solara SophiaComment