DNA: The Cryptocurrency of our Future

Genetic mutation, neurological expansion, remote viewing, AI, inter-dimensional travel, telepathy, Xray vision, Suprahuman, hyper-conscious awareness, synchronic creation, transrational intelligence, DNA optimization... The evolution of these realities is accelerating within and around us and we’ll see them expanding exponentially into the future, making advanced technological systems obsolete before they’re even fully developed (fundamental, structural gaps will be continuously moved towards greater integrity and efficiency ― including our own genetic sequencing). As is true with any creation, internal solidarity translates to external scalability.

Our new earth collective is requesting secure, stable, reliable foundations ― you can see this reflected in your own evolutionary journey. Whatever lacks structural integrity will be called forth for adjustment or reconfiguration to be built on fresh, dynamic, integral foundations. Integrity referring to the energetic strength of a system created by the integr-ation of polarizing elements that allows its full potential to be accessed and harnessed with greater efficiency (Ie. the unification of opposing forces for sustainable human energy connection + our ability to remain relaxed, resilient and effective). Within the next 2-10 years we’ll see technologies like blockchain rapidly evolving while we expand globally/socio-economically and adapt to this CORE truth:    

Our DNA and the creative capabilities encoded within it ARE our most valuable asset and it’s becoming the reality “cryptocurrency” of our future. Blockchain, AI, Sophia… these are all a reflection of our internal evolution. The more advanced our internal technologies become, the more advanced our outer technologies will be. Ultrahuman is not a trend, but a very real evolution of our spiritual, genetic potential. Our ability to shape non-physical energy into form, near instantaneously. There are ways to activate and expand into our creative capacities gracefully. If we can master this one practice, we’ll expedite our unfolding significantly: RESPONSIVE, LUCID ATTENTION. Existing in a state of open-hearted engagement, with a calm yet powerful sense of inner Knowing.

For years, people have been connecting behind the scenes in communities that provide a depth of resonance and safety ― sharing their stories of remembrance, seeking support and relatability, unwinding and phasing out their entanglements to a system that cannot support their genetic coding. Opening fresh, transcendental timelines INSIDE the collective that are independent of mass contracts and agreements. Creative technologies are being utilized that would blow most people’s minds wide open to the possibilities if they experienced them directly. What does this mean for us?

1. The unveiling of more truth by people who know and trust their genetic gifts and the full power of transparency.

2. When we advance our genetic sequencing, we absorb and transcend the natural laws or order inherent in the previous sequences. “Superhuman” Ie. superseding nature. We can work inside the natural order of ALL prior “levels” or octaves of creation if we choose to AND we can architect new ones entirely as we open to SEEING more, pre-existing potentials. Think of sacred geometry increasing in dynamism, richness AND complexity as it expands out into more harmonious octaves of creation. This is happening in our bodies, the earth, our galaxies and technologies. An expansion into higher octaves of frequency, tonality, quality and data. A grand harmonization, a fusion of diversified elements. The more flexible we become, the more fluid pattern upgrades will be (DNA, technological and otherwise) smoothing out gaps and volatility and anchoring in substance.  

Envision how energy behaves differently at the micro|macrocosmic levels of consciousness and creation. We can create by polarizing our frequency to the end of a spectrum if we want to play by those dimensional rules OR we can create purely through conscious intentionality, as the prime coders and meaning generators of our reality. It’s whatever we select because our reality is responding directly to our beliefs. (Have you ever manifested something when you weren’t in what's generally considered a peak state? Think about what that implies in your experience. Think of all the codes you can experiment with).

The option is also on the table for us to “skip octaves” (or quantum calibrate) once a certain threshold of awareness is reached, mostly because we can’t create (or align to) what we’re unable to observe and open into as a possibility, making DNA expansion crucial for becoming fully empowered, simulated reality designers. When our DNA expands, we can perceive more of who|what we truly are and what we’re capable of, which also helps us expand into the choice of our I AM will. Once we integrate to our original DNA blueprint, every potential reality|timeline|vantage point is accessible and repeats itself infinitely in an ongoing loop of expansion. Hence, the emergence of the “Infinity Collective” GenX'ers. Returning to ZERO, the genesis. Being unified, whole and present everywhere- simultaneously. Experiencing internal union and ONENESS in the Now. The point of all true and lasting power + creative authority in love. There will never be a currency that exists outside of you that is more POWERFUL than the currency that exists within you. Your will-power and potential to create is truly infinite and unlimited.

Solara SophiaComment