Live: Supernova Success Soiree with Taylor Lou Dixon


In this live, guest expert interview + mastermind call, Taylor and I explore...

  • How to maximize financial prosperity by deliberately focusing your energy and attention

  • Cultivating advanced feeling states like ecstasy, exhilaration and LUSH, Divine LOVE!

  • Embodying the frequency of your GRAND visions in the here and Now to radically accelerate your results (living in the outcome before it’s crystallized in the physical|material realm!)

  • Executing from a space of creative inspiration, life-enhancing VALUE, confidence and abundance versus fueling accomplishment from a space of lack (living and leading with SOUL)

  • Creating a dynamic work|life balance so your cup stays FULL and you FEEL truly fulfilled in every area of life

  • Getting crystal clear on your core genius and amplifying your inner mastery so you can serve at your highest, most optimal capacity

  • The scientific health benefits of flow (+ simple and fun lifestyle + success strategies to freshen, ILLUMINATE and enliven your energy!)

#SuperpoweredSuperhuman #YouAreAMasterpiece #LiveYourInnerOpulence #ExponentialQuantumUpgrades :)

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