Liquid Nirvana® Holiday Gift

Hello beloveds! I started channeling the 13 spheres of flow mastery and was captivated by the soul star, so here they are… 💞 We cover all of this delicious, Divine goodness + Creator tech in my signature course: Liquid Nirvana® Thriving in the Flow of Superabundance. If you haven't joined, the time is Now! 13 powerhouse visionaries have already enrolled and I have 2 spaces available for this special holiday offering through December 31st.

I'm excited to see you on the inside!

You'll receive 8 months of intimate, 1:1 guidance and 2x/monthly soul immersions where we'll explore the cutting-edge, quantum mastery tools for:

  • The 13 Spheres of Superabundant Flow Mastery + Creator Embodiment (Activating your Master Light DNA and grounding in free energy flow + igniting advanced spiritual gifts, skills, psychic abilities and creator technologies.)

    • Sovereign Fire: Earth Star Energy Sphere

    • Superlongevity: Root Energy Sphere

    • Lush Creativity and Sexuality: Sacral Energy Sphere

    • Radiant Power + Presence: Solar Plexus Energy Sphere

    • High-Heart of Ecstasy + Magical Genius: Heart Energy Sphere

    • Expressive Abundance: Throat Energy Sphere

    • Opulent Self-Design + Flourishing Vision: 3rd Eye Energy Sphere

    • Artistry of Exotic Leadership + Purpose: Crown Energy Sphere

    • Sonic Psychic Gifts and Technology: Soul Star Energy Sphere

    • Diamond Soul Embodiment: Universal Energy Sphere

    • Precision Reality Creation: Galactic Energy Sphere

    • Liquid Nirvana: Cosmic Energy Sphere

    • Superabundant Flow Mastery: Infinite Energy Sphere

For each of these 13 spheres, you’ll learn the *energizing superfoods, *essential oils, *charged crystals, *creator technologies, *superabundant success rituals + *high-frequency flow on command catalysts (proven to elicit flow and produce life-enhancing benefits by scientific research) to support you with embodying peak power + potency and thriving at every level.

  • Liquid Nirvana Opulence Accelerator® (We’ll dive deep into the whole-spectrum of New Earth wealth creation, leadership, service, magnetics, manifestation and aligned acceleration + liberating your infinite flow of prosperity and implementing the practical|visibility strategies you need to skyrocket your revenue.)

  • Luxury Lifestyle, Legacy + Leadership Maximization | Iconic Branding (Includes optimized creation tools, business resources, templates + Lifestyle and Legacy Design Maps for you to gain crystal clarity on your desires *in life and business* + how you’d love to bring your visions to life in the most elevating, pleasurable, fulfilling way available.

  • A virtual membership site where you’ll have an all-access pass to livestream interviews, channeled workshops, comprehensive EBooks for each of the lessons, recordings of our calls and high-level bonuses from world-class experts.

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"It's rare for me to deeply resonate with an aligned energy worker and seer such as myself who I can entrust to guide me as I guide others. I felt called to work with Solara during a particularly challenging moment I was navigating, specifically concerning my business direction and some of the underlying energetics therein — I needed a magical mirror to help me navigate my way to the truth and excavate my way to my desired direction. I felt so incredibly held in Solara's sacred space, and really when I'm held in this kind of unconditional love, the healing I need happens so effortlessly, almost beyond what my mind is capable of processing. This is the best feeling! Immediately following our session, I allowed myself to rest and integrate the energies that needed to move and within just a few days I magnetized 3, 1:1 mentorship clients, one new participant for my Bali retreat ($50k total) and numerous other forms of prosperity I was now capable of fully receiving. Grateful for our quantum soul healing work and for the graceful space Solara masterfully holds for souls to awaken to their fullest truth!"

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