Live: The DNA Code with Acurda Wallace

MAGNIFICENT NEW INTERVIEW from "The DNA Code and Multidimensional Living Series" with myself, Acurda Melchizedek (the incredible curator of this experience) and SO many phenomenal light workers! We hope you enjoy. :)

"Solara Rose takes us on her journey of multidimensional living of accelerated quantum magic where every moment of your life is a creative force of Divine right and wealth, complete with multi-sensory light intelligence woven into the harmonics of the universe. You are part of a orchestral symphony and the music that's playing is unconditional love. You get to create the vehicle you always dreamed of and it's your light body through genetics and DNA, turn the radio frequency up take a drive, listen to the music, and marvel in your genius."

IN THIS INTERVIEW you’ll learn:

● How to ground in higher, ultramagnetic frequencies

● DNA as a self-replicating, conductor of electricity

● The genetics of superhuman potential

● How the shift into absolute service can transform your life

● Why wealth in all areas of our life is our birthright

I don’t think there’s anything we left out in this interview, we travel from earth to the ever expanding, multidimensional universe to the embodied quantum light of our soul. It was a sheer joy to connect with a creative genius!”


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