Live: How to be a MF Legend with Dijon Bowden

Join us for this legendary soul session as we adventure into…

  • Allowing our infinite supply of cosmic life-force so we can channel higher-dimensional codes through our embodiment, enJOY every lush, magical moment to the fullest and playfully (+ successfully!) surf flow

  • Balancing our desire for MAX quality and excellence with being light-hearted, optimistic and adaptable to life!

  • Holding a pristine container of Truth for others to share their deepest, most authentic Self

  • Maintaining our wireless connection to Source within the context of a collaborative space for optimized group creativity and flourishing! (#UltimateSovereignUNION) :)

  • Revolutionizing the way we relate to our resources (Ie. having a juicy, zesty love affair with money so we can release into pure creation, pleasure and possibility + experience supreme mobility and freedom across all domains of life!)

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