Live: The Supernatural Magic of Rich Relating ft. Timothy Brainard

Hello fam! Timothy Brainard (the rockstar pioneer of WholeSystem Human!) and I recently released an episode on Lovelocity that we think you’ll be head-over-heels for + receive extraordinary value from! (so many magical treasures and jewels woven throughout) :)

Join us for this juicy, multidimensional odyssey where we explore…

  • Embodying the oceanic power, GLORY and magnificence of our Infinite Self

  • Animating our superabundant creator avatar and LIVING the codes of Paradise on Earth

  • Expressing the FULL beauty, bounty and brilliance of our multidimensionality

  • Savoring the sensual pleasures of the human experience!

  • Actualizing collective, sovereign unity via erotic self-authorization and embrace

  • The vital, RICH, magical quality of our words

  • Shifting into supreme alignment with the Cosmic YES!

  • Revolutionizing the way we relate through storytelling (connecting via potent, activated portals of imagination, innovation + inspiration vs pain)

  • Linear strategies of progression vs exponential, quantum growth

  • Our potential for immortality + interstellar travel in our light body

  • Transcending cultural paradigms of limitation and awakening to the Infinite creation journey

  • Designing systems that adapt to support individual freedom, empowerment and self-authorship

  • Releasing EVERYTHING that weighs us down and liberating into the ecstasy of immeasurable possibilities and love

  • Optimizing our bliss OS to run high-frequency, electrical currencies of light intelligence and superflow in our body

  • Maximizing our supernatural capacities to bend the laws of space-time, reality and science, weave in the GRAND tapestry and accelerate our life masterpiece (normalizing the seemingly fictitious and fantastical!)

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