Live: The Science of Synchronicity

The science of synchronicity and filtering the codes for Nirvana on Earth! :) #CosmicSoulEmbodiment #SuperconsciousFlow #FlourishingHereAndNow

Happy 2019 family, it's going to be a marvelous and magical year!!

Video recap… :)

  • Synchronicities are generated when all of our energy is unified in a positive, high-frequency charge (when we're in absolute agreement with Source!)

  • RAPID RESULTS FOLLOW THE FREQUENCY OF ECSTASIS and are a natural byproduct of living and giving in alignment :) (The space and place of pure service, embodying the codes of Nirvana and transmitting them)

  • The Infinite Creation Journey (how consciousness awoke to itself, began individuating, discovering and designing itself)

  • Mastering the art of resonant relationship to actualize our dreams!

    In essence, the desire, direction and outcome is always high-frequency ecstasy + enjoyment (LOVE that overflows from the high-heart) + felt liberation here and NOW, everything else follows! (including intuitive action, expression and crystallized success).

    Pro Pointer: Stay LIT and on fire for life! :) #InfiniteLove

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