New Moon Solar Eclipse: Uranus Stations Direct

Happy New Moon Solar Eclipse family!

Uranus is stationing direct (representing: the higher vibrational octaves of Mercury - transcendental communication - creative and scientific innovation, electricity - sensuality, kundalini life-force - technology, revolution - cascades of revelation and change - sovereign unity and Universal Love). :)

The energies of the next 6 months will be powerfully supportive of:

  • Purification and release of everything that's not YOU (the expanded "I") :)

  • Epiphanies, insights, rich streams of revelation and knowing

  • Breakthroughs to the realm of Infinite possibilities and potential (remembrance of our immortality)

  • Accelerated Planetary Awakening

  • Platonic Love, Reconciliation

  • Invincible Forward Momentum

  • Emotional Ecstasy, Strength and Resilience (establishing higher frequency set-points, i.e. upgrading to the embodiment of Eden!)

  • Collective-centric Inventions

  • Desire for Novel Experiences and Variety

  • Lucidity: Clarity of Vision, Purpose and TRUST (shifting into absolute accord and alignment) :)

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