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“Solara is an absolute gem of a human, mentor and spiritual activator! After working with her in a DNA Wealth Activation series, I felt much more clarity in my relationship to money and what I wanted to call in. She’s unlike anyone I've ever met and has a true, visionary gift for seeing someone at their highest potential and uncovering the resistance holding them back. Solara was able to hold space for me to recognize the places in my business that weren’t 100% in alignment with what I ACTUALLY wanted to create. She was a beautiful mirror and reflector for aligned creation and leadership. She’s a MASTER OF ENERGY (like for realll this woman knows her stuff!) and can guide you to tap into your own, high-frequency energy source in a very practical, powerful and grounded way (something that’s missing from many of the spiritual teachers I’ve experienced in the past). I would totally recommend working with Solara if you’re a visionary leader looking to 10x your income and impact!”



“It's rare for me to deeply resonate with an aligned energy worker and seer such as myself who I can entrust to guide me as I guide others. I felt called to work with Solara during a particularly challenging moment I was navigating, specifically concerning my business direction and some of the underlying energetics therein — I needed a magical mirror to help me navigate my way to the truth and excavate my way to my desired direction. I felt so incredibly held in Solara's sacred space, and really when I'm held in this kind of unconditional love, the healing I need happens so effortlessly, almost beyond what my mind is capable of processing. This is the best feeling! Immediately following our session, I allowed myself to rest and integrate the energies that were activated and within just a few days I magnetized 3, 1:1 mentorship clients, one new participant for my Bali retreat ($50k total) and numerous other forms of prosperity I was now capable of fully receiving. Grateful for our quantum soul healing work and for the graceful space Solara masterfully holds for souls to awaken to their fullest truth!”



“Solara is a powerful, high frequency seer and psychic healer. She works with incredibly clear, activated energies that ignite quantum upgrades in your life and business. My standards are high around who I allow to touch my energetic field as my abilities and vibration are crucial to my service — Solara is one of the best out there! Her integrity is solid and she brings a strong sense of love and grounded, otherworldly magic into everything she does. She's a soul sister in wealth consciousness and a pure channel who truly walks her talk!”



“Ever since I met Solara a little more than two years ago, I've deeply appreciated her beautiful presence as well as the profound wisdom that shines through her work and teachings. Most recently, I had the opportunity to work with her privately while I was going through a transition in my business and seeking support with expanding my service. After a period of rapid growth and expansion, I hit a wall — I was no longer feeling the passion I once felt for my work and I knew it was time to reevaluate the way I was doing things on all levels. Solara helped me get back in touch with what I truly desired on a deep soul level, and her support allowed me to gently release the fears that were holding me back from moving forward.

Now, after working with Solara, I feel much more connected to myself, I'm totally in love with my life and business for the first time in what seems like years, and I've found a clarity about my purpose that I was missing for a long time. What I love about working with Solara is that her guidance comes from a completely pure place. Throughout our time together, I felt entirely understood and supported by her. She helped me access my truth in a way that I've never experienced it with any other mentor and after one immersion, I was able to significantly scale my income. This in itself is an incredible gift! I'd highly recommend her services to anyone's who's ready to embrace their unique magic and is looking for guidance to help channel their dreams into reality in a truly soul-aligned, conscious way.”



“I had a personal activation call with Solara and I knew that the work we were doing was powerful at the time but I wanted to wait for the energies to settle before I weighed in. What I've experienced over the last two weeks can best be described as feeling a MASSIVE series of seemingly unconnected cosmic cogs shifting into alignment, much like the tumblers of a lock I wasn't aware existed! And the calibrations have equated to real world results — from feeling more vital and empowered in my daily life, to a greater understanding of my mission and how to best accomplish what I'm here to do. My energy levels have been much higher, I have renewed clarity of thought and there's no question about the purpose of my actions. I highly recommend getting activated so you can experience the impact it has on your world. All the love for you Solara and I look forward to working together again in the future!”



“Solara is a phenomenal leader, channel and guide! She helps people understand themselves, discover their own divine value and gifts and embody their full potential. She helps them see their own greatness and beauty so they can step into clarity of purpose. When people are feeling lost in their patterns of fear and have a hard time seeing the truth, she helps them find the way back to themselves, she shows them who they REALLY are. Solara helps people reach higher than they even knew was possible and then bring all the galactic information that’s been reached down to earth where it’s tangible and fully manifested in their lives. When people come to her, their fears and limitations are disintegrated and they can finally get a grasp on the truth and embody their radiance with ease. Solara helps people, step-by-step, to embody their highest self!”



“Solara is like a light shining in a dark room. She makes you pay attention to the truth, to which she has a very clear channel! Her intuitive guidance is on point and her dedication to service is unparalleled. Above all, what you get with Solara is a guide you can truly trust to be there for you. Upon meeting her I felt that way and she hasn’t disappointed. Her openness and ability to clearly see what was happening in my energy helped me to identify and integrate the lessons I needed to create forward momentum in my life and business. If you’re looking for guidance and support from someone you can truly trust, who is made of pure TRUTH, then Solara’s your woman!”



“I booked an energy activation with Solara because I was going through a lot of emotional challenges in my life and business in the process of up-leveling. My body was reacting and responding for hours after triggers instead of letting things slide off my shoulders as usual. It’s very important for me to stay in integrity and to be doing my own personal work as I work with my clients, so I knew this activation would help me embody what I want and need for myself and my business while gently integrating the lessons that were coming through. My activation with Solara was so profound — to the point that, for the last several weeks since I’ve been referencing and utilizing the messages that came through daily.

Since the activation I’ve been able to stay present and grounded without getting reactionary, even in potentially stressful situations. There’s been a deep level of peace and a sense of trust which has freed up so much energy and allowed me to stay in a much more positive, creative space. I’d recommend working with Solara to women who are experiencing a lot of change and transition (and up-leveling) in their lives and desire support in helping to integrate those changes in a gentle, graceful way. As someone who has been facilitating masterminds for years, I can say that Solara is, no doubt, a loving vessel to guide and hold space for this BIG work. I can’t think of a more perfect soul to drive this mission!”



“From moment one, I knew Solara was someone I'd be connected to for a lifetime as a mentor, teacher and friend. Her presence, wisdom and vulnerability strike me on a daily basis. She's an extraordinarily powerful channel and I'm deeply thankful we're on this journey together. Her clear vision and profound insights into my life have provided me with incomparable peace, patience and understanding. She has a remarkable personal story and she's able to communicate with your soul intuitively as if she's known you your whole life. Solara builds strong, conscious communities, demands truth, and like a soulmate, helps you tear down your walls. She shows up as a clear mirror, always reflecting back to you the truth of who you are.”


“Two days after having a 45-minute Illumination Call with Solara, I manifested $1300 I wasn’t expecting! I scheduled a complimentary call only hoping to get direction with something in my life and to my lavish surprise, unexpected cash started flowing to me! Out of nowhere, I was gifted $1,000 and I also received $300 from my company that I wasn’t expecting. That goes to show (just by being in Solara’s magical, alchemical presence) I was able to receive in abundance as a by product. I can’t even imagine how powerful a session or program will be! Solara, you are amazing (I’m not sure there’s even a word available to describe your magnificence!) I can’t wait to go deeper with an in depth one-on-one soon. Love you so much!”



There is something so riveting and exotic surfing in Solara’s field of work. It’s a space of absolute permission that evokes raw Genius in a highly catalyzing and boundary shattering way. She is a total prodigy who brings out the best Genius in me and my vision and creations are infinitely enhanced by our work together. One thing is for certain, quantum leaps of awe-inspiring magnitude are a given and no longer rare occurrences. Full, iconic Soul immersion. Decadent vibrational (re)crafting. Evolutionary super-animation. We are talking highly precise work of creative Self-discovery, Self-realization and Self-actualization that gets performance boosted by Solara’s artisanal facilitation. If Zagat rated human development experiences, Solara’s would be five stars. Immaculate, Prolific, Inimitable and Scrumptious!



Hi Solara, thank you for our DNA Abundance Activation! I've been activating daily. The initial experiences are pop pop pop in my awarenesses, sudden access to deep wisdom and clear paths. I had the most amazing flow experience this week of ease, mastery and joy. More than I’ve experienced before. Whoosh! So much magic happened with zero effort and I know there’s so much more! What a relief it is to find you. Just in time. I'm so grateful!



“I feel so blessed to have crossed paths with Solara! I’m immensely grateful to have completed not only one, but two of her programs. Our time together was deeply healing and transformative, I've experienced huge spiritual growth! I was able to release limiting beliefs while reinforcing and anchoring new ones that aligned to my highest good. Solara is a clear channel for divine love, wisdom and intelligence with a powerful, innate intuitive sense — whenever I wavered, she provided support and gentle reminders. She understands blocks and challenges as she has overcome great adversity herself, which makes her support invaluable. The subtleties she teaches awareness around are priceless! The trust and embodiment of what my true path is has become crystal clear through my work with her. If you’re seeking deep, transformative change so you can fully embody your gifts, I highly recommend working with Solara. She’s a true gem and her programs provide life-long value and results!"



“Solara’s DNA activation was palpable, intimate and transformative! I felt deep shifts and changes in my physical body during the activation and I noticed a profound sense of peace and clarity afterwards. A powerful space was opened for more energy flow and deeper, long-term embodiment which aligns to my path as I move into this next phase of launching my seven-figure online business. I highly recommend her work to leaders who are looking to take their life, health and business to the next level, at the speed of light!”



“I recently received an energy activation from Solara and it was life-altering. There was a vibrant sensory experience of images and geometry in the space of the activation itself and after there was an immediate shift in my state — I could feel my mind firing in a completely new direction. A lot of work is done in fields like cognitive behavioral therapy that teach us how to "be with our thoughts" without identifying with them. This activation created a fundamental, neural rewiring where I was no longer experiencing disempowering thoughts and it has been effortless to maintain. The most significant shift has been grounding into my power and feeling established in my core strength. Solara is an astounding channel — her work is potent, impactful and transformative. I highly recommend her leadership to those who are looking to rapidly optimize their energy and consciousness.” (Activation Testimonial)

"Since I’ve worked with Solara, both in a coachee and also in a collaborative capacity, what has struck me most profoundly is the purity, power, possibility and magic that show up in me and my life whenever I choose to engage or even be around her (just being in her field is serendipitous good luck!) She’s the real deal, has done the work, continues doing the work, and helps YOU to do the work in the easiest and most delightful ways. My energy shifts upwards every time we interact, I’m inspired to get into aligned action, become magnetic for my good, and suddenly am released from blocks and barriers to my full and happy expression. Throughout our work, I’ve manifested and exceeded every goal I’ve set forth (including a 5x increase in my income in 3 days following our first training). I love you Solara and I’m so honored to know you and acknowledge and appreciate the subtle, exquisite, gentle tornado of LOVE that you are!

I want to convey my deepest gratitude for you and all the love, care, and coaching you've shared. I just had my first session with my new client and it was profound!!! I would not be coaching them were it not for you and your support that helped me to get here. EAN is about to flourish at a whole new level!” (Coaching Testimonial)

"Solara's wealth accelerator is one of the best investment I've ever made in myself! I've had so many spiritual and financial breakthroughs in such a short time. Abundance is appearing in every area of my life — from developing new connections in my community, to supercharging intimacy with my husband, to feeling grounded in my power and attracting clients with ease. The course features so many wonderful tools and technologies that have been essential to my success! I highly recommend this work to anyone who’s desiring to master their manifestation results. Solara's clear and loving guidance made the whole experience feel like being in the care of a long-time, trusted friend." — Linette, Reiki Master and Akashic Records Reader

“I've had some very intense frequency activations since our call... looks like it worked! The best way I can describe it is that I've elevated into a higher frequency that I haven't experienced consciously in this lifetime. It was like all of my chakras and energy centers were being tuned to a higher, harmonious pitch and I was completely outside of linear space-time.” — Cole Ducey

“Thank you for being a constant vessel of royal and graceful fierceness. I feel more connected to the larger picture of it all every time we speak. Your presence is piercing and calibrating to higher octaves and perspectives. I feel like that's what you consistently do for people, for Self!” — Kevin

“Solara is a shining emanation of Divine light and I feel so grateful for the work we've shared together. Not only was I able to shift and transform my limiting beliefs, I got to pick her brain about expansion and the nature of the universe! After every one of our sessions, I was buzzing with incredible energy — this woman is truly supernatural and KNOWS HER STUFF about reality creation! MAGIC is all I can say about Solara and her programs. Her high vibration, ability to instantly clear and uplift, and contagious energy makes her work seamless, inspiring and empowering.” — Sarah

“Solara's energy work is incredibly powerful! After our first activation, I felt a deep, cleansing release and experienced a HUGE breakthrough in the area of self-expression. Now I feel ready to step into my power and take inspired action to be successful in my business.” — Penelope

"If you haven't had an abundance activation with Solara, they're amazing and I highly recommend them! We just completed a session and I feel lifted into a much more elevated space. I could feel the high-frequency energy shifting through my field as soon as she started and I felt so blissful during the call (especially during the light DNA meditation). I know I just opened a portal to allow more money and miracles into my life and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next!" — Crystal

"I worked privately with Solara and it was the most wonderful and empowering experience. I highly recommend her services! I've been able to release resistance I didn’t even realize I had and shift into a place of complete excitement around my business and finances. If you're on the fence, I COMPEL you to take this step and allow Solara to support you!"  — Amanda

"Solara's wealth accelerator is one of the most magical and comprehensive programs I've ever completed! She guides you step-by-step through each module so you can release friction and learn to maintain a high, abundance-attracting frequency. Everything is beautifully organized and easy to understand. I found the Lifestyle Design Map particularly useful, since I often don't know what it is I REALLY want! You can go at your own pace and you're never alone. Solara was available for questions and encouragement every step of the way. Plus, you keep the program materials forever, so if you ever need a refresher, you have everything you need. I absolutely loved this course! It helped me open the floodgates to allow more money to flow into my life. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to manifest swift financial freedom!" — Katie

"Thank you for being a constant miracle in our lives, through your presence and the brilliance that you share. Your energy is palpable and powerful. You remind us all that we're creators and miracles of our own!" — Marialuisa


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