Life Opulence Mastery

Life Opulence Mastery


Your Life Opulence Mastery Course Includes:

  • 4, 1x1 Elite Coaching and Mentorship Immersions with Solara

  • Life Opulence Mastery EBook

  • Light-Encoded Wealth Frequency Track for you to Open into Money Miracles!

Once you complete your heart/energetic contribution, head to and schedule our sessions to receive specialized, laser support in the areas of:

  • Divine Connection and Embodiment

  • DNA, Epigenetic Optimization

  • Soul Purpose

  • Precision Reality Creation and Magnetics

  • Financial Prosperity

  • Passion, Intimacy and Relationships

  • Sexuality and Sovereign Expression

  • SuperSensory Psychic Activation

  • Maximized Flourishing, Flow and Peak Empowerment

I look forward to sharing this journey together!

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