Solara Rose | Energy Expert, Psychic Advisor


  • Liquid alignment with the flow of universal love, joy and abundance

  • Increased income, wealth and financial flow

  • Feel the vibrancy of being embodied in your peak power

  • Ignited passion for your mission

  • Flourishing wealth and success in every area of your life:

    • Rich Health

    • Rich Relationships

    • Rich Finances

    • Rich Creativity

    • Rich Spirituality

    • Rich Leadership and deeply embodied service

  • A strong, stable connection to your soul and expanded self that’s anchored in trust, clarity, confidence and a solid sense of peace and wellbeing in your life and work

  • Creating a quantum impact and contribution with your gifts

  • Superpowered soul embodiment: having your infinite supply of vital life-force activated and online as you move in purposeful connection to yourself + the collective ascension

  • Decadent celebration: absorbing and expressing appreciation with every breath for the miraculous gift of life

  • Swift dream actualization: Enjoying life as a succession of quantum upgrades + open expansion into pure possibility (where serendipity and good fortune are your set point)

  • Accelerated wealth and financial flow: Having a consistent stream of money and resources flowing in so you can live a lush, empowering lifestyle, have the experiences you desire and contribute to the people and causes you value most

  • Warmth, intimacy and deep fulfillment in relationships (connecting richely from the heart, supporting one another’s continuous advancement to the next level)

  • Having the choice, time, energy and space freedom to savor your success and the magical unfoldment of your journey

  • Optimizing your capacity to thrive and serve the creative brilliance in others

  • Being head-over-heels in love with your service

  • Holding ourselves in a powerful space of flourishing and meeting every moment, person and experience with the same energy + intention

  • Ground into our power to choose, sculpt and design your reality as the Creator expressing through radiant human form

  • Lead a way that respects our bodies, relationships, and inner wisdom.

  • Nourish and cultivate our desires and honor our grand visions

  • Embody the change you want to see in the world while discovering new ways to include ourselves and our wellbeing in that picture

  • Lead from your innate genius, wholeness and brilliance

  • Empower and embolden your revolutionary voice

  • Create in a way that’s sustainable for ourselves and the planet.

  • Activate communities of leaders and creators

  • Be the change in action for future generations

  • Celebrate and nurture our individuality while honoring our oneness

  • Relax deeply and soften into your heart, so you can hear your clear truths and inner wisdom. This relaxation will open your heart, your creativity, and your sense of possibility

  • embrace a laser-sharp vision for your future that inspires and motivates you. We’ll break away from limited thinking to focus on what you truly desire.

  • Attract your desires steadily and sustainably

  • Map out clear, aligned actions into greater freedom and flourishing

  • Feel rested and rejuvenated, clear and inspired, and solidly grounded in your next steps

When you drop in with another soul and everything just melts around you and two physical beings become one consciousness... yeah. That’s what Solara does!
— Ashlee Sumida

This abundance accelerator is a journey into your heart, to expand your freedom & leadership while living & working in alignment with your values and desires. We’ll gather in sacred circle for ceremony and masterminding, we’ll adventure and play, and you’ll walk away with greater clarity & aliveness.

During our time together, we’ll gather together in the space of safe, supportive and loving sisterhood, to look at our lives and work with a 360° lens. This is an opportunity to explore your desires for your life, relationships, and work in the world, and create the shifts necessary for you to move in alignment with your highest vision. We’ll blend intention with action, for clarity and focus.

  • Tears of bliss and appreciation, along with moments where time seems to stand still

  • Doubling or quadrupling your income without working more (often less)

  • Feeling a deep sense of purpose and fulfillment

  • Launching (and selling out) a new iteration of your work: a mastermind, a course, a talk…

  • Re-igniting the spark in your relationship (or calling in a new one)

  • More space to tap in, nourish yourself, and do the work that keeps YOU going (writing, energy work, ceremony, design, dance…)

  • Receiving more opportunities to spread your mission, message, and work so you can deepen your impact while also increasing profit

  • Tears of gratitude and bliss (witnessing another soul in their full power and gifts)

  • Lightness, relief, and peace

  • Calling in more of your next-level soul mate clients, ones who energize, inspire, and cause you to grow too, so that your work is as much a gift to you as it is to them

  • A sense of accomplishment with how you’re moving towards your future

  • Being completely prepped w. rock-solid foundations – physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially – to make necessary upgrades and investments in your business (building your team, strengthening structures…)

  • A business that you genuinely love – one that brings home the mega bucks and makes your heart leap with joy (Paradise!)

  • The stunning self-confidence to make public appearances, create workshops, publish that revealing blog post, pitch yourself for interviews and expand your platform so everyone has access to your profound message

  • The yummy flexibility to travel, create your own hours, and build passion into your schedule so your life can start feeling free + open

    Awareness and command of forces Note: Natural forces are made of elements including the fire, air, water and earth. They can appear like lightning, wind, ocean waves and the energy causing earthquakes. Supernatural forces have names like the “powers” and “virtues” and can be summoned and directed to create magical change. These supernatural forces can create positive or negative effects, depending on the person making the commands.

    Your galactic chakra, when activated allows for advanced spiritual skills, travel beyond the limits of time and space, teleportation, bi-location, and instant manifestation


Master your psychic abilities and intuition for crystal clarity on important decisions in life and business

Immerse yourself in the life you’ve been yearning for, with plenty of rest, play, adventure and rejuvenation.

Develop a healthy, reverent relationship with your body, where you’re both accepting of yourself and supportive of your greatness

Evolve your relationships, so there’s more harmony, fulfillment, stability and support.

Be kinder and more compassionate towards yourself

Sharpen your vision for the impact you want to make on the world through your work, your presence, and your daily actions. Gain crystal clarity on important decisions.

Develop in your courage and confidence, and learn how to express yourself with more clarity, potency and power.

Deepen your ability to connect with others, so they feel heard, appreciated, motivated and inspired by you - be empathetic to the feelings and emotions of others, while remaining true and in tune with your own.

Your third eye chakra regulates the decisions you make, and what you consider to be important. It oversees your dreamtime, and connects you with the subconscious mind and with the higher realms of spirit. Learning, memory, telepathy, clairvoyance, mediumship, aura sensing

crystal clarity on your future vision, mission, values and purpose

Your crown chakra connects you to the higher spiritual realms. It rules your dreams, visions, hopes, and Divine realizations. Spiritual downloads, connection to Spirit, and alignment with your higher purpose

careful nurturing our dreams can become a reality. Working on this Chakra opens you up to the excitement of a wonderful and imaginary world. You can become artistic and creative, open and loving to all that surrounds you. You believe there is a higher purpose and you are not afraid to venture forth and discover that anything is possible.