Uranus in Taurus, Revolutionary Transit

Uranus- the planet of revolution, expanded consciousness, innovation, disruption, technology, dissolution of the status quo, lightning, electricity, kundalini life-force, science, AI, the supernatural and metaphysical, independence, freedom, galactic outer space, clairvoyance, and breaking with tradition… is transiting Taurus from May 15, 2018-2026.

Taurus, ruled by the planet Venus, governs productivity, stability, inner resources, beauty, self-esteem, willpower, substance, gold, the accumulation of money and possessions, self-value, self-reliance, speaking, transmitting, stewardship of resources, banks, financial institutions, international wealth and prosperity, investments, stocks, bonds, currency, liquid assets, art galleries and museums...

If you're not familiar with the impact celestial bodies have on our energy- imagine how the moon affects the tides of the ocean or how the sun sustains life on Earth. They don't govern our will, but they do hold prominent influence. The last time this transit occurred, many countries abandoned the gold standard which led to a fiat monetary system that allowed us to circulate more currency. Today, that expression translates to virtual, decentralized crypto.

What we’re heading into is a global, financial reset and complete reconfiguration of societal structures and perspectives. Accelerated transformational shifts can be expected during the pre-shadow phase which is happening now {lucid, premonitory dreams, quantum timeline dilations, evolutionary visions and impulses that are highly valuable to enact when the timing feels appropriate for us}. When this transit starts, we’ll experience rapid forward momentum which can be inspiring or cathartic depending on how we relate to the energy. I encourage you to trust the direction of your passion and how|where you’re being led- everyone’s hologram functions uniquely depending on the beliefs they have hard-wired into their neural-biology- there’s no “one ideology fits” especially while we’re working with a powerful Aquarian influence. Whatever we believe we can create, augment and revolutionize- we can.

“Our power of belief is an infinite power against which no earthly force is of the slightest significance.” -Neville

Sonic attunement {which is interpreted aurically and sensed as fine frequency bands ringing in the ear} is ultra common during these upgrades and when we're being asked to listen more closely in general- I'm sure most of you already experience this. The tones I'm adjusting to personally are deeply eccentric, alien, and coded with rich information about our adaptation to bioelectric energy embodiment which is usually elicited by strong magnetic fields- our internal operating systems are being updated through exponential purification so we can run more clean electricity {or action potentials} for collective efficiency which will make the crystalline core of the planet our primary source of magnetic equilibrium. Think of starting out as an F150 that produces emissions, then shifting to a Prius- hybrid, then a Tesla- gamma, transhuman. Our species is upshifting to electric so we can innovate, unify and progress.

Instability is quickly becoming the new normal, paradoxically, so we can become more internally and externally stable {which has always intrigued me!} The stability we're seeking is derived from personal em-power-ment, creative sovereignty, unification with those who are operating on similar bandwidths, en-light-ened self-emergence and a flexible mind that's able to flow, expand outside the box and engage more of the full picture. I’m very interested to hear your thoughts and how you might be experiencing this. 

Solara Sophia2 Comments