Live: How to Connect with the Holographic Codes of the Present Moment with Jeneth Blackert

Ultra excited to share this podcast episode with you beloveds!


When I’m invited into high-impact, global communities to channel my gifts, I access the energy first and ask what ‘the true contribution’ is it will offer you ... when Jeneth from Real Raw YOU asked me to speak to her audience, I tapped into the energy and felt an instant, resounding YES in my heart!

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When we choose things we know are in resonance with our purpose ― we feel the electrical surge in our soul, our heart opens wide and our world (+ the people we touch) changes for the better!

Real Raw YOU | Synergy Podcast is filled with oneness, being, vibrancy and living on this planet in harmony with all things.

Sessions are led by world-renowned energy healers, conscious visionaries and wellness teachers from all over the globe … including Lisa Nichols, Mariel Hemingway, JJ Virgin, Lauryn Bosstick, Alex Beadon, Dr. Dain Heer, David Wolfe and me.

There are other very potent leaders who will also be speaking. :) We all flowed super awesome energetic transmissions + provided powerful activations for you to elevate into Cosmic paradigms of love, creation, prosperity and flourishing!

Will you join us?

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If you’re feeling the call, I invite you to take action now and listen in this week! This will be a profoundly illuminating + inspiring session for you!

With Gratitude and Delight, Solara ―

P.S. For those who would love to receive a customized, Holographic DNA|light code Activation, I’m gifting bundles of 3 for 1k through this Sunday (normally a 2k investment!) The first portion of our session will be an optimized, quantum alignment activation and the second portion will be a laser-focused fusion of ...

1. Multi-sensory channeled guidance in the areas you’re most desiring clarity, support and energetic assistance, and

2. An Akashic Soul Records Reading (to draw forth and amplify your creative Genius, soul gifts and inherent mastery)

You’ll receive a premium-quality recording of our session + a 30-minute follow up call to use within 2 weeks! Feel free to reach out and connect with me personally if this feels beneficial for you!

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