Positive Head Podcast with Brandon Beachum + Life Opulence Mastery Course

Aloha Family :) I’m extremely honored and excited to share Brandon Beachum and I’s recent episode on the Positive Head Podcast with you!

You can join us Now @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kkytb5A2VYE

We explored a decadent and dynamic range of topics from…

◈ Decoding the neuroscience of superflow and embodied mastery (where receptivity and resilience merge)
◈ Returning to the sumptuous abundance and fertility of nature to unlock limitless energy and optimize physical-cognitive-emotional flourishing
◈ Integrating the oceanic power and magnificence of our Infinite Self
...And more!

For those who stay with us to the end, there’s a special gift and invitation that’s only available through the *Positive Head Podcast* ► solararose.com/offerings/divineopulence


🌹 This Soul-Fuelled Experience is For You if You’re Ready to...

▵ Activate your Divine potential, unapologetically rise into power and express every stunning facet of who you are

▵ Elevate your health for lavish freedom, vibrancy and invincible vitality in your body

▵ Unleash your revolutionary voice and expand your Dharmic impact in the world

▵ Enjoy a greater sense of freedom, pleasure and fulfillment in the here and Now

▵ Connect to a liquid stream of revelations and intuitive insights to weave into form via your heart service

▵ Develop laser clear communication with your Soul and superconscious navigational system (so you can action your inner wisdom and design a rich, meaningful, rewarding life)

▵ Invite more spice, novelty and innovation into your life/business

▵ Feel erotically lit up and ALIVE in the full expression of your sovereign Genius

▵ Swiftly attract what we invoke for you in the physical (financial prosperity, miracles, Divine Union, intimate relationships that are a FORTRESS OF FUELING, lucrative business opportunities, exotic travel and retreats… the possibilities are immeasurable!)

▵ Trust bold-heartedly in the power of your Love and use it as rocket fuel to propel into your highest possible timeline

This activation sequence was designed for you to EMBODY the full FELT remembrance of who you are - eternal starlight and brilliance expressing through human form... When you rise in your inherent greatness, WE ALL RISE AS ONE! 💖🔥

What’s included?
◈ 4, Supercharged Soul Soirees with yours truly (4, 1:1 Master DNA Activations / Coaching Immersions)
1: Diamond DNA Activation, Akashic Reading
2: Energy/Flow Maximization
3. Precision Reality Creation
4. Life Opulence Mastery Training
◈ Virtual membership site where you’ll have an all-access pass to PDF EBooks, tools, technologies and embodiment practices
◈ Channeled guidance and support
◈ Recordings of our calls so you can tune in anytime you need a refresher
◈ Abundance-encoded frequency track for meditation, prayer, visioning and work-flow

◈ Expert Human Design Reading & Mirror Session with Timothy Brainard of WholeSystem Human @ wholesystemhuman.com

“Mirror Sessions are an intuitive introduction to the structure + expression of your most authentic core. This ‘core’ is a special place of being that’s unique to only-you. It is your personal signature, it’s your genius. The Mirror Session is a deep investigation of the wonder that is YOU.

This investigation is based on the revolutionary perspective of Human Design, which is a synthesis of ancient + contemporary disciplines including: the Chinese I’Ching, the Hindu-Brahmin Chakra System, Advanced Astrology, the Kabbalah, Quantum Mechanics, Genetics, Biochemistry, and more.

Human Design is a holistic science that illuminates the totality of what makes you who you are. However, for all of its complexity + nuance, Human Design is a deeply PRACTICAL system. It’s based not on belief, but on EXPERIENCE. This means that its lessons are designed to be lived-into over time.

Your Mirror Session will make use of this information in order to draft a ‘map’ of your uniqueness. This map is called a BodyGraph. Together, we’ll investigate the basics of this map. You’ll learn about your Type, your Personal Strategy, your Inner Authority, and so much more!

Your Introductory Mirror Session will initiate a powerful inner process of self-discovery, of expansion, of surprise. Expect to meet, befriend, and celebrate your life in all-new ways. Most of all, you’ll begin to see perfection in the person that you already are: you’ll fall in love!

There is magic, mystery and elegance in the masterpiece of YOU. Allow me to introduce yourself!”

◈ Tailored Wealth Dynamics Profile + Life Opulence Map

🌹 In this Divinely Delicious Container You Will…

▵ Design daily power rituals that honor and fuel every dimension of your life and embodiment

▵ Develop a rich depth of connection to your Soul, voice, intuitive body wisdom and inner guiding force

▵ Decode your Dharmic life path, human design and wealth dynamics

▵ Sharpen your visions and intentions for the next 3 months, gain ultimate clarity of direction and quantum accelerate into the life you choose

▵ Discover exciting new ways to live a healthy, congruent lifestyle: spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally

▵ Re-pattern your mind, biology and epigenetics for superabundance consciousness

▵ Activate the full spectrum of your creative passion and fire

▵ Transcend the matrix of perceived limitations, go ALL IN on your dreams and invest in what you deeply value

▵ Ignite cutting edge creation codes that open you to potent possibilities and opportunities for your life

▵ Leverage your sexual energy to become a sultry, powerhouse manifestor (drawing your desires to you swiftly and gracefully)

▵ Accelerate your life legacy, financial affluence and success

▵ Develop inner solidity and quantum empowerment to fearlessly live your Divine purpose

Sydney Campos: Visionary Mentor, Healer and Author

“It's rare for me to deeply resonate with an aligned energy worker and seer such as myself who I can entrust to guide me as I guide others. I felt called to work with Solara during a particularly challenging moment I was navigating, specifically concerning my business direction and some of the underlying energetics therein — I needed a magic mirror to help me navigate my way to the truth and excavate my way to my desired direction. I felt so incredibly held in Solara's sacred space, and really when I'm held in this kind of unconditional love, the healing I need happens so effortlessly, almost beyond what my mind is capable of processing. This is the best feeling! Immediately following our session, I allowed myself to rest and integrate the energies that were activated and within just a few days I magnetized 3, 1:1 mentorship clients, one new participant for my Bali retreat ($50k total) and numerous other forms of prosperity I was now capable of fully receiving. Grateful for our quantum soul healing work and for the graceful space Solara masterfully holds for souls to awaken to their fullest truth!”

Ready to ignite your light, fiercely ascend and courageously shine your gifts in the world?

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In Service to your Highest Outcomes and Fulfillment,
Solara 💫🙏💛🙏💫

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